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A bond of trust
has been abused
something of value
may be lost
give up your job
squander your cash - be rash
just hold on to your friends

Welcome friends...

It's the same page, different layout. Morrissey is still the topic and you're still the guest.

With the end of the Maladjusted tour, many may think Morrissey has disappeared into the woodwork again. Not so! Fans can look forward to the release of a rarites and bootleg material album called "My Early Burglary Years". Look for more information on it on the news page. Just the other day I received an email from a Los Angeles-based company specializing in vinyl. They have numerous artists and enough Morrissey and Smiths albums to keep a fan busy for a while. Check out Vinyl Vendors. As for changes to Hold On To Your Friends, there's many underway. The guestbook has changed format and been updated, the picture gallery is undergoing changes, and there should be a few changes to the general layout. Keep in touch with ideas, remarks, and suggestions.

Vive le Moz!

"Good night, and thank you"

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