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These are some of my favorite Morrissey and Smiths links. To add your page to this list, please e-mail me! Please remember to include the address, and type "links" for the subject.

Shoplifters Union

A general Morrissey site

It May All End Tomorrow

Christian Arvidson's Page

All Over Battersea

These Charming Men
(formerly M O R R I S S E Y on the Sunset Strip)

Unhappy Planet Fanzine Site

Unhappiest Planet
(Not affiliated with the Unhappy Planet fanzine)


Bigmouth Strikes Again

My own private Smiths Page

Salford Lad's Club

The Smiths Zip Files

Southpaw:A Morrissey Fan Page

The World of Morrissey

Suedehead...A Morrissey Website

England for the English

Pause Before the Applause

Morrissey and Smiths Album Covers(an explanation of the sources of the pictures)

Here are a few other smaller, but equally as nice Morrissey and Smiths pages.

Greg Geschke

fouf's WBS page for Morrissey

Michael Ng

Thomas Burgel

Geoffrey T. Chew

Ben Lilly

John Harris





A miscellaneous Moz/Smiths page at Geocities

Don't have enough money or resources to get all of Morrissey's singles? Grab a bootleg copy of all the B-sides here:

Morrissey B-sides compilation bootleg