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Scott and Morrissey

I was fortunate enough to receive some pictures of the Providence, RI show from a fan named Scott. Some are a bit unclear, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth! I've added links to the pictures to save loading time for those with low bandwidth. Below are the tour dates so far, too.

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[Past Shows][Future Shows]

Sept.12 Toronto, ON Massey Hall

Sept.13 Montreal, QC Theatre St.Denis

Sept.14 Boston, MA The Orpheum

Sept.16 Providence, RI Strand Theatre

Sept.17 New York, NY Central Park Summer Stage

Sept.19 Philidelphia, PA The Electric Factory

Sept.20 Washington, DC Capitol Ballroom

Sept.21 Cleveland, OH Lakewood Civic Auditorium

Sept.23 Kalamazoo, MI The State Theatre

Sept.24 Ann Arbor, MI Hill Auditorium

Sept.26 Chicago, IL Aragon Theatre (SOLD OUT)

Sept.27 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre

Sept.29 Minneapolis, MN Guthrie Theatre

Oct.2 Vancouver, BC Orpheum Theatre

Oct.3 Seattle, WA Moore Theatre (SOLD OUT)

Oct.4 Portland, OR La Luna (SOLD OUT)

Oct.6 Pentaluna, CA Phoenix Theatre

Oct.7 San Francisco, CA The Warfield (SOLD OUT)

Oct.8 San Francisco, CA The Warfield

Oct.10 San Diego, CA Hospitality Point

Oct.11 Las Vegas, NV The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel (SOLD OUT)

Oct.12 Los Angeles, CA The Greek

Oct.22 Phoenix, AZ Arizona State Fairgrounds

Oct.23 Tucson, AZ Gotham

Oct.24 Albuquerque, NM Hiland Theatre

Oct.26 Claremont, CA Bridges Auditorium

Oct.27 Thousand Oaks, CA Civic Arts Plaza

Oct.28 Irvine, CA UCI Bren Events Centre

Oct.31 Salt Lake City, UT Saltair Pavilion

Nov.2 Boulder, CO Mackey Auditorium

Nov.4 Tulsa, OK Brady Theatre

Nov.5 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall

Nov.8 Gainesville, FL Centre for the Performing Arts

Nov.11 Miami Beach, FL Jackie Gleason Theatre

Nov.12 St.Petersberg, FL Mahaffey Theatre

Nov.14 Kissimmee, FL Tupperware Centre Theatre :) Joy!

Nov.15 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre

Nov.16 Raleigh, NC The Ritz

Nov.18 Glen Burnie, MD Michael's Eighth Avenue

Nov.19 Cincinnati, OH Taft Theatre

Nov.21 New Brunswick, NJ State Theatre (SOLD OUT)

Nov.22 Lowell, MA Memorial Auditorium

Nov.24 Buffalo, NY Kleinhan's Music Hall

Nov.25 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre

Nov.26 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom

Nov.29 Kopenhamn, Denmark Vega

Dec.1 Gothenburg, Sweden Lisebergshallen

Dec.2 Oslo, Norway Rockefeller

Dec.3 Stockholm, Sweden Solnahallen

Dec.5 Helsinki, Finland Jaahalli

Dec.8 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freiheit

Dec.10 London, UK Battersea Power Station

Dec.11 Chester, UK Northgate Centre

Dec.13 Dublin, Ireland The Point


Chicago, IL (Sept.27th)

Irvine, CA and Salt Lake City, UT (Oct. 27th and Halloween, respectively)

I went to the Kissimmee show (Nov.14th). In a word: Spectacular. In two: Utterly Spectacular. Smoking Popes was an excellent opener, but I wish I had been able to hear the lead's voice better. The instruments were a bit overpowering. The only song I knew by them previously was "I Need You Around", which was done nicely live. But back to the subject at hand, Morrissey was incredible. Inbetween groups, several of us (about 50 or so) went to the stage and stood, waiting in anticipation. But the security personnel made us all sit down before the show would begin. I was a bit peeved by their strictness. After about twenty minutes passed, all the lights went out and the strobes on stage began flashing. A couple white beams were bouncing off the mirrorball hanging in the middle of the theatre, creating beautiful speckles of light throughout. Spencer James began pounding out the beginning of "The Operation", and after about three minutes, screams increased to a wild frenzy as Morrissey entered the stage, followed by Alain, Jonny, and Boz. Morrissey greeted the crowd with his distinctive gutteral growl. I think a few girls fainted. They never finished "The Operation", but instead went straight into "Boy Racer", followed by (much to my surprise) "London". Morrissey then welcomed the crowd, saying, "So you're all from England, right? You're foreign and you've come here just to see the show? [pause] That's incredible!" The group then went on to play "Dagenham Dave", "Billy Budd", and "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". "Some of you look really sexy," Morrissey said in his deep British voice, followed by wails from the fans. "But I'm not going to say who," Moz then replied, to which there were more screams and much laughter. They played "Nobody Loves Us" (during which I heard the girls behind me ask each other "Is this new? I've never heard it before."), "Spring-Heeled Jim" (near the end, Alain begins playing the guitar with his teeth to add some beautiful, soft wailing), "Roy's Keen", "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get", and the second Smiths song of the night, "Paint A Vulgar Picture". He seemed to accentuate the "MTV" part of that song. "Alma Matters" (during which, I admit, I cried), "Reader Meet Author", "The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils" (violins dubbed in), and "Satan Rejected My Soul" followed. During "Satan Rejected My Soul", he replaced "fun" with "shit", making the line "You'll never see all the *shit* in life it's cost me" all the more interesting. For those who know how quickly the song ends, it took all five of them but a second thereafter to remove their guitars, set down their drumsticks, replace the microphone and get offstage. But no one left the theatre. Sure enough, after the road crew finished making a few adjustments and replacements, they all came back out for "Shoplifters of the World Unite", a well-chosen encore. The most powerful part of the song set everyone screaming. During the short, dramatic pause in the middle of the song, just before the guitar solo, the group stopped playing in unison as the lights went out for a split second, only to return in a flash (much like Eric Clapton did for "The White Room", those of you who know what I'm talking about). Powerful indeed! I wish he had done some autographing, but no such luck. Outside the theatre, everyone stood around chatting as if they had all been friends forever. I suppose that's as close as I'll get to a Morrissey convention! I did get a chance to meet Julia Riley, author of True To You (a Morrissey fanzine). Apparently she's been travelling with the show (she's from Massachusetts). My tongue becomes a hurdle as I try to find the words to define the evening. My little sister had gone with me to see the show, although she only liked a few of his songs. She ended up having a wonderful time. As we got into the car to leave, she asked me to play "the song with the guitars I liked so much...where his voice sounds so pretty." I couldn't narrow it down to one song with that info, so I just stuck in Alma Matters. That ended up being the song. So we rolled down the windows, cranked the volume, and drove home in the chilly night, both of us awestuck.

I do have pictures, and as soon as I develop and scan them, I'll post them here. They're not the greatest, but they're better than nothing at all.